• Born in El Paso, TX .
  •  Moved to Gary, IN a year or so later to grow up in a small home located less than 2 miles from Michael Jackson's childhood home.
  • Until age 10, was naive to the fact of living in the ghetto. Got first job delivering newspapers. Not the ordinary paper route. Crime. Drugs. Addicts. Gangs. Streetwalkers. Bootleggers. Illegal gambling. Got robbed several times with a couple of trips to the hospital when excessive force was used.  Assumed that was just the way of life.
  • At age 15, transferred to different high school in search of a better environment. New kid in class now. Voice started changing and getting very deep. Teased by peers. Became the quiet guy to avoid so much attention on voice. Started hanging out with the outcasts. Goes from honor roll student to barely passing grades.
    (From that time onward, voice gets compared to Barry White, Andre the Giant and Lurch from The Addams Family television show.)
  • Following year quit paper route to work at local grocery store. Job lasted a few months.
  • At age 17, started getting involved in criminal activity. Graduated high school. 
  • At age 19, decided to move away and go to college. Once classes started, realized that electrical engineering wasn't a wise career choice for a colorblind person. Dropped out before semester was over. Moved back home months later. 
  • Next year enlisted in the US Army Reserve. Almost died during basic training because of a ruptured appendix. After a lengthy hospital stay, sent home on an entry level separation. Shortly after, attended a small local college. Dropped out a short while later. Started slipping back into criminal lifestyle.
  • At age 23, in too deep with criminal activities including heavy drug and alcohol use. Reckless lifestyle during the time when Gary, Indiana was murder capital of the nation. Ended up incarcerated with no bond. 
  • Four years later released on good behavior on April 7th, Easter Sunday. The only person on that day out of a facility with a population of over 3,000. Guard said it was unusual for only one person to be released. Took it as a good sign. Moved to Phoenix, AZ the same year.
    (Everybody Loves Raymond was the popular show on TV. People start comparing voice to Brad Garrett.)
  • At age 32, enrolled in a university to study business administration. Excellent grades. Attended over a year. Actually enjoyed studying psychology and sociology more. Applied for job as faculty assistant at school. Denied employment because of conviction. Made a big fuss about it to all the faculty and staff since they had issue with past but no problem taking tuition. Got job as faculty assistant. When discussing career options, an accounting professor suggested considering a career using voice instead. Thought about it. Dropped out after semester was over.
    (Allstate gets a new spokesman for their commercials. The comparisons to Dennis Haysbert's voice begins.)
  • A year or so afterwards, moved to other side of the city with plans of attending a radio broadcasting school. Few weeks before classes were supposed to begin, informed of school closing Phoenix location but could still attend in Huntington Beach. Decided to make the move after year lease was up at new residence. Contacted local radio stations seeking advice and possible opportunities. Didn't get too far. Didn't make move when lease was up.
  • In 2009, ended up losing everything due to recession. No steady job for the past year. Unemployment benefits ran out. Moved to smaller cheaper location when served eviction notice. Evicted from that location a few months later. Had nothing but pet dogs. Wouldn't give them up. Homeless with them for last few days in Phoenix until move made back to Gary, IN on April 7th. Later that year started taking voice over classes at Acting Studio Chicago. 
  • Less than a year later was sitting in the studio putting together a commercial voice over demo. While doing so, voice over instructors recommend taking improv and/or acting classes. Signed with a couple of agencies for commercial voice-over auditions soon after.
  • Following year was offered representation in voice-over by a couple of talent agencies in Phoenix on the condition of making move back to the area. Went to visit. Upon return, decided to start taking improv classes at The Second City Training Center-Chicago. An improv teacher suggested taking acting classes. 
  • When nearly completing the improv program, began taking acting classes at Acting Studio Chicago. Around the same time decided to try out a Tooned In! Animation Voice-Over Workshop with Stevie Vallance, Emmy award winning director. She recommended making the move to Los Angeles.
  • A few months after completing the core acting program at ASC, entered and won a contest for free headshots by John Abbott Photography. Soon after a director saw headshot on social media and reached out to give an opportunity to audition for a role on 34th Street Films feature HOOD. Booked. Continue to book more in the indie scene while gaining as much experience as possible.
  • March 2016, signed with Gray Talent Group. Work on some awesome projects including film and television shows starring many well known actors.  
  • August 2017, became a proud SAG-AFTRA member. 
  • The journey continues.....